Frozen Jamun slices

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Vimo Foods is a premier supplier and exporter of frozen jamun slices. It is a wholesome food with multivitamins. Vitamin B6 improves mood and reduce symptoms of depression. It may promote brain health and reduce Alzheimer’s disease.


It treats anemia by enriching hemoglobin. It helps overcome nausea during pregnancy. Magnesium in it helps maintain helps hundreds of biochemical reactions in your body. They reduce type 2 diabetes and lowers Blood pressure. It can decrease the chance of migraine.


• Stops beri-beri disease caused by deficiency of vitamin B1
• It gives a healthy circulatory system
• And diminish muscle strength and muscle paralysis
• Maintains bone strength
• Helps the release of essential hormones and enzymes
• Prevents osteoporosis
• Helps insulin production

Bulk Packing Corrugated Box

10 kg

Customized Packing

1kg | 500gm | 400gm


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