3 Reasons You Should Be Eating Frozen Foods provided by Vimo Foods

Posted on May 31st, 2022 12:17 PM
3 Reasons You Should Be Eating Frozen Foods provided by  Vimo Foods

1. Frozen Foods Are Full of Nutrition

During the winter months, a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables is not as readily available and the fruits and veggies are not as nutrient-dense as they are in the warmer months of the year. Frozen produce, though, is picked at its peak ripeness, which locks in the foods’ high nutrient content at that time. Once the food is picked, it is blanched and then flash-frozen to lock the food into its best-tasting state. In terms of calories, frozen fruits and vegetables are just as healthy as fresh and have no added sodium as a preservative.  When purchasing frozen foods, you can use exactly what you need and keep the rest frozen. There is less waste and spoilage when using frozen foods as part of your weekly meal planning. I recommend purchasing one-third of your foods fresh and two-thirds of your foods frozen for the week to reduce foods waste from spoilage. 

2. Frozen Foods Are Easy to Prepare

If you routinely find yourself in a time crunch, here’s good news: many frozen foods can be prepared in less than 15 minutes. Fruits and vegetables are peeled and cut, so you spend less time prepping for your meal. Frozen meats are usually individually packaged and trimmed for quick preparation. Most cooking methods are simple and fast as well. I prefer steaming, sautéing and microwaving frozen foods for the best taste and nutritive value.

3. Frozen Foods Can Be Exciting

Be creative with your meal planning! Try something new and add additional vegetables to your favorite pasta dish This  will add even more nutrition plus control calories. 


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