Caution in Consuming Alphonso Mango

Posted on May 16th, 2022 12:25 PM
Caution in Consuming Alphonso Mango

 The level of calories in alphonso mangoes  is 150 for the raw fruit, and will be higher in the ripe fruit. As we know, mangoes including alphonso mango are commonly sweet which might not be good for diabetics and for those who are in diet.

In addition, the consumption of mango cannot be separated from touching its peel. A study revealed that mango peel, especially the unripe mango peel might cause irritation. The irritation stimulated by the contained urushiol which can cause skin allergy to some people.

Recommended Intake of Alphonso Mango

In spite of the high calories contained, research found that the glycemic index of alphonso mango is low which is in 51. Although it is not recommended, those who are in low calorie diet are able to consume it in reasonable portion. For example, you can take ½ cup of cubed mango or about ¼ parts of the fruit in one serving. It will impact your blood sugar, but it is still tolerable.


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