5 Reasons to add alphonso in your diet

Posted on May 16th, 2022 12:18 PM
5 Reasons to add alphonso in your diet

  1. Prevents anemia : As the source of iron, mango is able to prevent anemia effectively. Anemia is the stage when the amount of red blood in our body is low. To increase the production of red blood especially for women, body needs iron which is usually contained in fish, vegetables, and fruits including alphonso mango.
  1. Support fetus development :Besides its benefit to increase the production of red blood and preventing anemia, iron is also good supplement for pregnant woman. Iron contained in mango is very good to support the fetal growth. As we know, the excellent growth of a baby will be significantly affected by its fetal development during the pregnancy. Therefore, obstetricians recommend the pregnant mother to add the iron intake by eating more healthy food such as mango. 
  1. Fights cancer :We know that many things cause cancer. One of these is free radical which is able to increase to growth of cancer cell. On top of that, the phenolic compounds in mango are able to inhibit the growth of cancer cell without harms the normal cell. Therefore, consuming mango is good to fight any kind of cancer.
  2. Improves Sex Performance : Vitamin E in mango is not only beneficial for skin. Surprisingly, it can also improve your sex performance. Vitamin E is in charge to regulate the sex hormones. Therefore, men and women with sufficient daily vitamin E intake will have more desire and mood in having sex, get more sexual energy, and more frequent and intense orgasm.
  3. Improves eye health : Carotenoid might be the one attributes the bright yellow color of mango‚Äôs flesh. As we know, all the bright colored fruits and vegetables such as carrot, papaya, tomato, and mango contains carotenoid which is very useful to improve eye health. In the other words, mango can supply our need of Vitamin A which is able to prevent from some eye problems such as night blindness and dried eyes.


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